Student personal webpage guidelines

This webpage is built with the aim of fulfilling the University's objective to provide an each student with their own webpage. This opportunity is exclusively provided for the undergraduates of the University of Peradeniya. As the Web Consultant Unit of this project, we are trying to make this process easier for you. So, try to be more creative and innovative and build your own webpage.

Don't have an own website?

Why do I need my own webpage?

Get to know your friends and colleagues of the University.

To get the attention and support of people for your projects and researches.

When applying for jobs (as an alternative for websites like LinkedIn)

Should I need to know about web development before I create my own webpage?

No; All the instructions to create and to manage the webpage are given.

Let's create a webpage

So, if your are willing to make your next step to create your own webpage, please go through the given guidelines step by step.

Please go through each step by looking at the provided PDFs and videos. Read the instructions carefully and don't make any mistakes. If you have any complains or suggestions feel free to contact us through the links provided at the bottom.

Step 1: Creating a GitHub account - PDF | VIDEO

Step 2: Activating the GitHub Student package - PDF | VIDEO

Step 3: Obtaining free .me domain from Namecheap - PDF | VIDEO

Step 4: Managing your personal Google Site - VIDEO 

Step 5: Getting access to edit your "University-provided personal web page template"  - PDF 

Now you can simply get a copy of the template here without any requests

Step 6:  Managing your domain in Namecheap account and publishing the website - PDF | VIDEO


Is it compulsory to use the template given by the university?

I couldn't publish my google site with a custom URL since there is no option to add a custom URL. What can I do?

your university account - wrong

your personal account - correct

Encountered an error message when assigning custom URL. It says that the URL is not verified, but I have verified it. How to fix this issue?

 Here are some supplementary materials if you want to know more about GitHub, Google Sites etc.

What is GitHub?
Introduction to Google Sites
What  is a Domain Name

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