Clubs & Societies

Why should you have like address will provide you more professional look and you don't want to spend money to get a fancy domain and a secured server(Google).

need to host your club website on university domain?

Click the link below to make a request to get the free sub domain

You have to be signed in with your university G-Suite account in this browser to view and fill the form. Since the application will be accepted only if it is done by the Senior Treasurer of your club or society, we collect email address in the form

What you will get as a society

  1. Group Email (example : - For member management. All society members will be included.

  • Alias for secretary -

  • Alias for president -

  • Alias for senior treasurer -

  • Shared Google Drive with unlimited storage capacity for all official documents.

  • Google Site with a Easy Builder (

  • An interface for easy alias transfer

How to obtain official benefits for societies ?

All the services will be based on Google (GSuite) and they will have many benefits and high reliability for their services and activities. Forward the following details via the senior treasurer to "".

  • Society Name

  • Required name for the sub domain ( )

  • Google workspace Email of President

  • Google workspace Email of Secretary

  • Google workspace Email of Senior Treasurer

What kind design can we do with Google Sites ?

does your society already have a website?

Change Office Bearers

As a committee member who holds an official society email, you can transfer your official email into newly appointed committee member without requesting to administrator. (before open this application, you have to login with your committee google workspace account in your browser)

need Some help to design your site?

how to design my site

This video will demonstrate on, how to design your society website using Google Sites.

how to add custom Html/css

In the Google Site editor, you can click on the embed icon. There, you can add custom URL or HTML/CSS code there. This video explain on how to add your custom design.

i want to add custom logic to my site

You can embed any external links. You can try Google Apps Script to deploy a public web application and embed inside your page without any cost. This video demonstrate, how to do it

how to optimize your website

When you design this sites, you have to consider about your site performance. You should not add large size images, it will slow down your page load in mobile devices. This video demonstrate on how to, optimize your website.

how to manage your society email

how to send an official email

This video will demonstrate on, how to send an official email as a society committee member.

how to send an email as the society

You can send emails from the official email group "" and you can receive as well. If you send an email from gmail, it will not be considered as an official email. Therefore, always try to use the official email. This video explain on how to send an official email

manage email group

You can manage this email group as you want. You can restrict outside people to direct email into your group, You can enable email reviews, You can manage member join requests and many more. Check Google Groups Documentation for more details.